About Me

I have lived in East Sussex now for seven years and when I’m not seeing clients, I like to spend time in the outdoors as much as possible exploring the East Sussex countryside.

I started my career in the charity sector in London working for ten years with young people, primarily around mental health and relationships. I have since broadened my expertise to work with both young people and adults of all ages. I opened my private practice in 2018 having worked in a number of counselling agencies prior to this. I also work as a freelance consultant to a variety of online mental health services.

I have a Humanistic philosophy which means I believe in your potential and in your autonomy to create a meaningful and fulfilling life. I have also had long term counselling myself during and after my training. I can relate to the experience of opening up for the first time and sharing out loud what you’re struggling with. This isn’t always a comfortble process, but it’s an important one. Speaking the truth of your experience can be both challenging and liberating!

I want to help make counselling as accessible as possible and reduce the stigma around seeking help. It can sometimes be a mysterious activity that happens behind closed doors. In reality, it’s about taking time to talk openly with someone you trust and using the time productively together to work through whatever might be troubling you.

I’m down to earth and will help you to feel at ease so that we can talk openly and honestly together. The more self-awareness you grow, the more choices can open up to you.

If you are interested in my theoretical modalities, I integrate Person-Centred, Transactional Analysis and other Humanistic approaches. You can find out more about these on the Psychology Today website.

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